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soda and snack vending machine

soda and snack vending machine in your office can be a convenient way to grab a quick snack on the go. You must, however, ensure that the machine is built to withstand the wear and tear of the vending process. Fortunately, there are several options available to accomplish this.

History of vending machines

Vending machines were used in taverns to sell tobacco products in the 17th century. Brass dispensers were included in these machines. These vending machines sold cigarettes, gum, soap, and matches.

Heron of Alexandria invented the first vending machine. In Roman Egypt, he was a mathematician and engineer. He created a machine that distributed holy water to worshipers. He accepted payment in the form of a coin. The coin would fall into the pan attached to the lever, causing a valve to open. The coin would then be pushed into the pan by the lever, releasing the holy water.

The invention of Heron of Alexandria was not widely recognized until the early 1880s. This was due to the coin slots' inability to distinguish between genuine coins and forgeries made of wood or other metals.

Thomas Adams Gum Company created the first American vending machine. It was a small, portable machine in New York City that dispensed fruity gums. A gaming incentive was also included with the machine.

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