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selectivend ws3000 snack machine 23 selections

The Mercato WS3000 selectivend vending machine is a vending machine that provides users with 23 different options. In addition to that, it features a tray system that is comprised of 5 flexible trays, each of which can be adjusted by increments of 1 inch. This vending machine offers a wide range of pricing options for its wares.

Mercato WS3000

A fantastic combination of capacity, value, and selection is provided by the snack vending machine model Mercato WS3000. The Mercato WS3000 is an excellent choice for a space that is either small or medium in size because it can hold up to 360 items. This device's small footprint and ability to function in confined quarters are two of its many advantageous characteristics. In addition to that, it features a parts warranty that is valid for two years.

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WS3000 vending machine reviews

The Selectivend WS3000 snack machine includes a cutting-edge tray system that makes use of 5 flex trays with height adjustments that can be made in increments of 1 inch. In addition to this, the trays are simple to clean and disinfect. The trays are composed of stainless steel, which allows them to be cleaned using a solution that does not include chlorine.

The selectivend sv5 snack vending machine is meant to accept both cash and credit cards, and it comes equipped with a tray system that is suitable for credit cards. In addition to that, it features a components warranty that is valid for two years.

WS3000 vending machine price

The Selectivend WS3000 a vending machines have an extensive range of selections for both sweet and savory snacks. Twenty-six distinct options can be stored in its six trays simultaneously. The inclusion of this vending machine would be a wonderful asset to any company. Credit card payments are accepted, and a warranty on the component parts is good for two years.

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