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selectivend sv5 snack vending machine

The Selectivend Sv5 snack vending machine is a good investment for a number of reasons. These include of cashless payments, LED illumination, and ADA compliance. If you are on a tight budget, you can also buy this model at a reasonable price range. The Selectivend Sv5 might cost more than comparable USI, Federal, or Fawn machines, though. You can also get in touch with a certified distributor of Selectivend vending machines to receive the best deal.

Evolution 40 Snack

A high-capacity snack vending machine with a sizable merchandising display is called the Evolution 40 Snack. The most recent customer interface and payment system technology are also included. Although it can hold up to 65 things, its normal capacity is 40. Up to 528 things can be kept inside.

The Evolution 40 Snack vending machine has a large viewing window, bright LED lighting that is 100% brighter than the rest of the vending equipment on the market, and a 3.5" full color display that shows nutritional information and your corporate logo.

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Futura Combo Vending Machine

The remarkable capacity of the Futura Combo Vending Machine features 20 options for drinks and snacks. For simple accounting, it accepts coins, tokens, and notes from $1 to $20. A sleek, modern style and guaranteed vend sensors are also included. It is made to be low energy-consuming and complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act. This beverage and snack vending machine employs a single power line, a 2.5-amp power cord, and energy-efficient dual-area LED sharp illumination.

Innovative UVC light sanitization technology is present. High-touch surfaces are now safer as a result. The COVID-19 virus and 99.9% of bacteria are destroyed by UVC light sanitization. Its visible blue light alerts clients that sanitization is taking place, and its automatic motion sensor keeps it clean even while it is in use.

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