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Lektro Vend Snack Machine

I frequently see the lektro vend snack machine whenever I go shopping. They seem like a really cool and cute notion, and I'm always intrigued how they operate. After all, who wouldn't want to snack on their favorite Lektros while shopping at their favorite store?

History of the machine

The vending machine was at the forefront of technology and invention during the twentieth century. Several businesses created machines that dispense beverages, gum, food, even fishing lines. Some machines even have reading lights and credit card payment options.

Lektro-Vend was the first to include all of these elements into a usable design. In October 1962, the Lektro-Vend FIFO machine was on display at a trade event. It had three significant advantages over its rivals. It decreased the amount of service calls and the risk of defective items. The fact that Lektro-Vend was not a major rival in the field was particularly impressive.

A company called Stoner Manufacturing was also in the business. Although it was a small operation, its star product was a surprisingly functional soda machine. In fact, the company had a soda machine installed in a subway station in New York City. Stoner's machine was so good that it prompted a competitor to follow suit.

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