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Refurbished Automatic Products 7000 snack vending machine

If your company needs a snack vending machine to offer popcorn, candies, or candy bars, the Automatic Products 7000 is an alternative that is both economical and dependable. This vending machine has a system that allows for several prices to be selected as well as five columns of menu items that may be customized. Additionally, it has a larger capacity, which enables you to sell more products from a single device. This device is perfect for both first-time vending machine owners and experienced operators in the industry. The fundamental model already incorporates a number of useful enhancements, such as pricing labels, an instruction booklet, and a brand new lock.

The functionality of this refurbished candy vending machines is identical to that of a brand-new machine. This indicates that it has been subjected to a comprehensive cleaning and rebuilding process, in addition to successfully completing a stringent test. New price labels, flavor strips, and lock sets are included in this purchase. The machine also comes with a free lifetime of technical assistance and a warranty that covers parts for 90 days from the date of purchase. It is prepared to be installed at your place immediately.

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