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Which is better, vending machine or unmanned supermarket?

March 17,2023

As an unmanned vending machine and supermarket that pursue the combination of online goods and offline scenes, this is a new business model. This model relies on online statistics and analysis of commodity information and sales, so that offline data can be more reliably managed. But in terms of scale, technology and background, vending machines are different from unmanned supermarkets. Will the development of vending machines be suppressed by unmanned supermarkets?


In fact, vending machines seem to be weak, but in many places, vending machines have more advantages than unmanned supermarkets. However, vending machines also have goals that unmanned supermarkets cannot achieve.

So, what are the advantages of vending machines? That is, low cost, simple commodity management and good flexibility.

The products in the unmanned supermarket use more RFID tags to automatically identify each product, and then the mobile phone automatically checks out and pays. As small as a bag of chewing gum and as large as a box of milk, each product cannot be separated from the label. Compared with low-priced products, the cost of RFID tags will undoubtedly reduce profits, and the gains won't be worth losing.

But the difference between vending machines is that there are two payment methods for vending machines.

One is the keyboard type: select a good product to enter the code, the electronic screen will automatically generate a QR code, and then the consumer will scan the QR code to complete the payment. The other is a fixed QR code type: each device has an independent QR code. Scan the QR code to enter the purchase page to select products, and then confirm payment.

The RFID tag is much more expensive than the QR code on the vending machine, and the automatic door equipped with the identification technology of the unmanned supermarket needs to be opened after the goods have been paid. And the camera is also indispensable. The installation of the camera is very important for the management of the unmanned supermarket.

The vending machine does not need high store rent. It can also adjust the placement of equipment according to the actual flow of personnel. It can also adjust the type of goods according to the customer's consumption of goods. It can adapt to changes and adjust flexibly.

Compared with the unmanned supermarket, the vending machine has a great advantage in commodity management. The non-opening and closed mode has a good protection for commodities in terms of stability.

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