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What is the development prospect of vending machine industry?

December 01,2022

The choice is right.

In today's era, with big data and intelligence, the future of vending machines is promising. Unmanned vending machines can meet more scattered and timely consumption needs, and make up for the defects of traditional retail methods. The vending machine is also the "new favorite" of the new retail era.

With the continuous development of technology, vending machines are also constantly close to people's lives.

They can quench people's thirst in hot summer, warm people in cold winter, and make instant noodles when hungry.

A change from the previous mechanized mode, become humanized and intelligent.


The vending machine is no longer solely based on drinks and snack machines. Now it is diversified. facial mask cosmetics, fruits and vegetables, instant noodles, adult products, coffee and ice cream, etc., have a wide range of sales. The emergence of mobile payment also makes the payment method more convenient. You only need to scan to buy the goods you want, meet people's consumption needs, and improve the service efficiency.

With the continuous improvement of automation level in the global industry and the enhancement of automation cost awareness, the number of vending machines in the world will exceed 20 million.The vending machine has small investment, low threshold and diversified layout. It can also adapt to many products. It is intelligent and big data oriented and has a promising future.

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