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Vending machine operation site

March 17,2023

Vending machine operation site:

(1) Internet cafes:

Internet cafes front desk, Internet cafes cashier.

(2) School site:

university town, middle school, training institution, school canteen.

(3) Business reception:

car sales stores, 4S stores, real estate company sales offices, banks, investment promotion offices.

(4) Office:

office buildings, foreign-funded enterprises, Taiwan-funded enterprises, offices of large companies, and rest areas.

(5) Business places:

the entrance of large shopping malls, pedestrian streets and commercial streets.

(6) Business premises:

shops, wedding studios, bakeries, cafes, clubs, leisure centers, hotels, cinemas, fast food, supermarkets, shopping malls, fitness centers, beauty salons, beauty apartments, hotels, bars, KTV, hotels, game rooms.

(7) Family place:

for family use or as a gift to friends.

(8) Public places:

library, station, airport, blood donation vehicle, blood donation station, exhibition.

(9) Finance:

bank and securities trading center.

(10) Media:

TV stations, newspapers.

(11) Government departments:

Foreign Affairs Window, China Merchants Bureau, Civil Affairs Bureau, Tax Bureau, Industry and Commerce Bureau, and Transportation Vehicle Administration Bureau.

(12) Shopping malls, VIP:

VIP rooms (Unicom, Mobile, Telecom), decorative lighting companies, building materials hypermarkets, furniture hypermarkets.

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