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Vending machine industry development status and trend analysis

December 21,2022

Based on the research on the global retail market, when the per capita GDP reaches 10000 US dollars, consumer demand forvending machineswill break out. With the introduction of mobile technology, vending machines will become a new channel for FMCG retail. From the overall perspective, the export scale of vending machines in China has increased rapidly, and many people are optimistic about the future market prospects of vending machines because they can sell a large number of non retail goods.


Vending machines are becoming more and more popular.

They are still a profitable industry in the minds of many investors. The overseas vending machine industry still maintains a relatively balanced growth rate. In terms of operating shopping centers, conservative operating companies are still self satisfied in terms of scope and cost. However, due to the participation of some innovative operating companies, the form of all shopping centers has undergone fundamental changes.

EPEX intelligent vending terminals completely subvert the traditional supply mode and become the most effective supply port.

It subverts the traditional supply mode. There is no need to stock up or overstock goods, and the turnover is flexible. Through intelligent terminal equipment, it can solve the problem of product supply and sales in an integrated way. At the same time, it subverts the traditional use experience, adopts platform management and intelligent operation, so thevending machinenaturally has a better shopping experience.