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Vending machine: What do you need to prepare before using the vending machine?

March 17,2023

With the improvement of people's quality of life,vending machines, as a convenient and fast new retail automatic sales service model, have become an indispensable presence in the daily life of the public. So do you know what preparations should be made to operate the vending machine after receiving it? Let me briefly introduce the following points to you:

1. After the vending machine is received, first check whether the packaging is intact, if there is damage, please consult with the logistics and call our company.

2. Please remove all packaging components such as wood, protective film, foam and tie before use.

3.Place the machine in your business location, which is dry, well ventilated, away from heat source, avoid rain, low temperature, water splash, firm and stable floor, and above the wall. avoid rain, avoid low temperature, avoid water splash, solid and stable ground, more than 20cm from the wall.

4. After the machine is installed, let it stand for more than 30 minutes, and then connect the power supply to ensure the normal operation of the machine. If you want to start the refrigeration, the machine can only be started after standing for more than 45 hours, otherwise it will affect the compressor.

It is also very important to remind you that the power supply of the vending machine must be grounded!

The ungrounded machine cannot be used, otherwise there are serious safety hazards.

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