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Vending Machines: Operation Skills of vending machines

April 26,2023

As a very stable product in current new retail,vending machine machines have been sought after by traditional retailers. Intelligent vending machine machines not only effectively shorten the distance between products and consumers, but also improve the timeliness and convenience of product services. So, how should traditional retailers who want to transform or investors who want to buy intelligent vending machine machines operate intelligent vending machine machines? Don't worry, the following vending machine machine manufacturers will introduce you to the operating skills of intelligent vending machine machines!

When selecting the location of the intelligent vending machine machine, the following factors should be considered:

(1) Situational factors

Choose places that are highly enclosed and lack retail services, such as office buildings, schools, factories, airports, stations, and other public places with dense and relatively closed traffic. However, it should be noted that high traffic is not the only consideration here. You can choose, we prefer closed places with long periods of closure because the transaction rate of such places will be higher than that of general public places.

(2) Logistics factors

In addition to personnel costs, logistics costs are also a large part of the operation process of intelligent vending machine machines. When calculating the operation cost of intelligent vending machine machines, logistics cost is one of the important factors. If logistics cannot be guaranteed or logistics costs exceed budget, then the benefits will not be worth bearing. Therefore, the operator should consider carefully when placing the intelligent vending machine machine.

(3) Density factor

When considering the location of the intelligent vending machine machine, it should be noted that each location has a different density standard. For example, the total number of teachers and students in a university is approximately 14000. Operators will perform calculations after multiple deployments. When the number of devices is 1:300, the replenishment demand for certain products will be relatively large, and the operating costs will increase proportionally. When the ratio of equipment to personnel exceeds 1:200, the product replenishment cycle will be relatively long, and the overall gross profit margin will be relatively long. Therefore, the operators of intelligent vending machine machines are controlled within 47-70 units on campus to maintain a good density.

Among the factors that affect the location of intelligent vending machine machines, competitive factors are very intuitive. Operators of intelligent vending machine machines need to consider the density of competing products in the selected locations and try to avoid places where the density of competing products is too high. During the pointing process, you can choose to retail other products beside other intelligent vending machine machines. Joint retail can help intelligent vending machine machines achieve synergy and increase sales.

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