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Three similarities between vending machine and intelligent container

January 12,2023

● In terms of payment methods

With the development of Internet technology, the Internet has developed rapidly in the field of unmanned retail. Both vending machines and smart kiosks are paid through mobile phone scanning or face brushing, without waiting in line for immediate consumption.

● In terms of time

They can work 24 hours and provide services for people who work overtime and stay up late. In order to achieve this model, the physical supermarket needs to implement the shift system, which is not willing for many workers, so it needs to pay higher wages than the normal time period, which is far more expensive than both.

● In terms of service

Both are self-service services. From the time when goods are put on the equipment to the time when consumers get goods, there is no need for a second person other than consumers to participate, which helps operators save labor costs. However, it still requires labor expenditure when replenishment.


At present, more and more people begin to pay attention to the vending machine and intelligent vending cabinet industries. Especially at the time of repeated epidemic, contactless shopping has gradually become a habit. I believe that "unmanned retail" will develop more rapidly under the promotion of many objective factors and environment.