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The development trend and market demand positioning of vending machines by 2022

December 21,2022

In recent years, due to the development and popularization of mobile payment technology, as well as changes in people's consumption concepts, the vending machine industry has also emerged. With the development of machinery, its market is also expanding constantly. Finally, it is no longer a "decoration" on the street.

The vending machine can be paid according to the currency entered.

Vending machine is a general business automation device, which is not limited by time and place, and can save manpower and facilitate transactions. It is a new type of retail industry, that is, a small supermarket operated 24 hours a day. Generally, there are four categories of vending machines: beverage vending machines,food vending machines, integrated vending machines, and cosmetics vending machines.


Since the 1990s, vending machines have been restricted by the high cost of machinery and equipment and backward consumption concept, and their development has been very slow. In recent years, due to the increase of per capita consumption level, the acceleration of urbanization, the improvement of business environment, such as mobile phone change, counterfeit money and other issues have been rapidly promoted, and the profit of vending machines has also developed from single sales to advertising, franchise and other directions, so the vending machine market has entered a high-speed development stage.

The future vending machine market will have more basic innovation and segmentation, such as the recently popular adult products.

With the continuous development of the new retail model, operators will use vending machines to sell more products and provide convenience for community residents. China's vending machinery manufacturing companies have developed rapidly in recent years, and various models are available for selection. In particular, fresh intelligent fruit cabinets sold under various extreme conditions in China have been exported in the Americas, Europe, Asia and other places. The new retail era has begun. Worldwide, the market potential of vending machines is great.