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Self service vending machines: Can self-service vending machines only sell beverages?

April 26,2023

Self service vending machines are a new form of commercial retail that developed in Japan, Europe, and the United States in 1970. It is also known as a 24-hour mini supermarket. In Japan, 70% of canned beverages are sold through self-service vending machines.

In Japan, the development of self-service vending machines is beyond doubt, but there is a special phenomenon in Japanese self-service vending machines: most self-service vending machines are beverage machines.

Of course, the fate of this "beverage machine" is not the will of Japanese self-service machine manufacturers. However, beverage companies have natural supply chain and product pricing advantages, and they have gradually shifted from channel operators to professional services. After years of development, Japan's self-service vending machine terminals are concentrated in the hands of large beverage companies.

China started relatively late in this area. It was not until 1994 that self-service vending machines were first introduced. However, due to different payment habits, traditional coin operated self-service vending machines have not experienced panic in the Chinese market. It was not until the popularization of mobile payments that the domestic self-service vending machine industry began to welcome them.

Can domestic manufacturers avoid the fate of Japan's "self-service vending machines=beverage machines"?

This is actually the inevitable fate of traditional self-service vending machines in traditional mode: the number of SKUs that the machine can carry is very small, but in reality, customers often purchase beverages. In order to improve the efficiency of product delivery and supply chain, merchants will focus on selecting products after a period of time. For small amounts of beverage products, this is an inevitable result of principle 28. Of course, there are also some snack self-service machines, but the proportion is still too small.

With the development of home self-service machines, these models are not only beverage machines, but also self-service machines that can sell everything, such as: live crab self-service machines, caviar self-service machines, lettuce self-service machines, pizza self-service machines, banana self-service machines Etc. Only you can't think of it, you can't sell it without a self-service vending machine.

In China, self-service vending machines will become a potential huge industry. After department stores and supermarkets, the third retail revolution will be launched, and its prospects are very broad. The products sold can not only be customized according to local needs, but also offer cold and hot drinks, as well as snacks, phone cards, and imported specialty products. In addition, through this intelligent sales system, inventory, sales, and logistics information can be accurately and timely fed back to customers and management personnel. In addition, it also supports multiple transaction payment methods and is conducive to achieving larger amounts of payments and transaction settlements.

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