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Four major differences between vending machines and intelligent containers

January 12,2023

Both vending machines and intelligent vending cabinets are the most popular forms of unmanned retail terminals at present.

Both are emerging on the stage of unmanned retail, with the common goal of improving service efficiency, improving user experience and reducing costs.

In terms of functions and modes, there are many similarities and differences between vending machines and intelligent vending cabinets. Let's discuss the differences between them.


● In terms of form

The biggest difference between the vending machine and the intelligent vending container is that the vending machine is not open and the goods cannot be touched, while the intelligent vending container is an open multi-layer shelf structure, which can touch the goods when opening the door, and the selection is more intuitive.

● In terms of commodity management

The vending machine is paid before delivery and has a complete risk control scheme. In the operation process, the rate of loss of goods is low, the number of loopholes is small, and the artificial loss of goods is small. The goods in the smart container are a semi-open state for consumers. Users can touch the goods at will, which is more suitable for placing in a closed space. They have higher requirements for the quality of consumers and higher consumption of goods, and generally choose to place in office buildings. In this respect, the vending machine is more flexible than the intelligent vending cabinet, and there are more choices of placement.

● Sellable goods

The vending machine sells goods with different characteristics according to different goods lanes. Limited by product specifications, the vendable goods are limited, and the storage capacity is limited. They are mainly used for selling snacks, beverages, etc., and the goods fall off and are not suitable for selling fragile goods. The intelligent sales cabinet can sell both fresh products and glass bottled drinks. And you can put a lot of goods.

● In terms of shipment

Because of the problem of the vending machine's cargo lane, the problem of goods jam and non-shipment has always been its problem. Because of its open nature, the intelligent sales counter is achieved by consumers directly taking the goods, so there is no problem of goods being jammed or not shipped.

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