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T55- ice cream vending machine

W1280mm X D1043.8mm x H1940.8mm;
Voltage: 110-220V,60/50Hz;
Temperature: adjustable -18℃;
Max selections: 5 trays, 40 selections;
Vending capacity: 200- 300PCS.


Android operated 55" HD LCD interactivetouch screen control;
Frozen function,capable of vending icecream and other frozen cupped and boxedproducts;
lnventory automatic perception,ensure theinventory management efficient andaccurate;
Fast loading products, push productsthrough the column gate into machine likeloading bullets,fast and convenient;
Big stock capacity, the max stock capacityup to 300pcs;
High delivery accuracy,low mistakeincidence as low as three ten thousandth;
Removable refrigeration System, easy tomaintain, repair and replace;
Drop sensor installed in delivery bin toensure vending success every time;
MDB and DEX ready, telemetry system;
Bill, coin and return change(standard),cash-less payment system(optional) Nayax,E-portcredit card reader compatible;
Optional special locks with both sub-keys & master keys for easy management.